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Motivated by shame

Frustrated by knowing
but nothing changing

Restriction feels powerful

Food is an emotional crutch

When you don’t trust yourself
you will be left feeling empty, isolated and disconnected.
I am here to help you
connect to your best self;
to find meaning and purpose
so that when the outside feels overwhelming you can easily turn within
for solace, confidence and courage.  

Rejection is tragic

Easily humiliated

You're too nice

Eating Disorders      Highly Sensitive Personality Trait (HSP)      Chronic PTSD

Highly Sensitive Personality Trait

15-20% of the population is HSP

HSP trait is a powerful gift. However, with this gift comes the responsibility of learning how to process and release the intensity of emotional experiences and empathetic distress that an individual with HSP holds onto. 
The is due to the greater degree of mirror neurons, as well as the way a brain of a person with HSP trait is wired.

Holistic and integrative therapy is especially effective for an HSP because of the unique qualities an HSP has demands personalized care and compassion. As an HSP myself, I can support you through this process with genuine empathy. 

HSP's are more prone to eating disorders

Dr. Richard Schwartz who developed IFS did so because of his work with individuals with severe cases of eating disorders. From the many treatment approaches I have experienced and researched, IFS stands out to me for its depth in compassion and self-empowerment for both the client and therapist, as it holds both accountable.

Additionally, Carolyn Costin's "8 Keys To Recovery From an Eating Disorder" serves as a fundamental guide in the process knowing that the experience of being recovered is entirely real and possible. 

Rather than “getting rid” of uncomfortable memories and experiences, IFS allows a gentle yet powerful way to “get through” and heal long term. Rather than retraumatize or relive, IFS allows an experience of being “with” rather “in” the trauma or discomfort. In my experience, IFS as an evidenced based practice is the most accessible way to heal whole heartedly.

HSP's have a more finely tuned nervous system thus are more prone to trauma

Trauma is a protective and automatic response to extremely overwhelming and often terrifying life events. As a trauma informed therapist using integrative methods that include  biofeedback from HeartMath® I can support you to rewire the brain to respond in the present moment rather than from a memory frozen in time. 


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