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I can't trust myself around food 
I was okay, for awhile but it didn't last
I will never fit in
I feel defeated, no one understands me.
Body image runs my life
I question everything; why can't I just be me?
I can't stop spiraling!

Discover your Self from the inside out
because you are SO much more than you think . . .  

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Do you feel defeated?
Have you have tried


Self help books

. . . but nothing seems to fit your personal needs and unique body type, or personality?

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Often we feel desperate for a quick fix or solutions. We read ads that make promises and offer cures. Then we feel disappointed, distrustful and let down when we "fail" at approaches or offerings that are not the right fit for us.




Your sessions with me will be a collaborative exploration of awareness and presence that will deepen your inner wisdom and trust in yourSelf for lasting change. 

Book a Session for personalized care,
make health and wellness your priority




Please indicate if you prefer to schedule your first hour session or a 20 minute complimentary consultation


Voice Dialogue:
Give your INNER WISDOM a voice

I offer facilitation for you to connect to your wise and balanced self

to discover meaning and purpose in your life so that, when challenges seem overwhelming,

you can more easily turn inward to find solace, confidence, and courage.

What are session like?
Are you ready for long term healing; to learn how to become your own wise mentor and guide?
-Be prepared to surprise yourSelf! (Because you are much more than you think!)
-Get to know and feel a deeper connection with your mind and physical body
-Explore neurobiology and ways to nourish your physical body and how this relates to your mind
-Naturally develop a relationship with yourself and your body so that you can easily turn within to gain solace and strength.
-Explore ALL aspects of yourSelf for clarity, wisdom and trust within

Lindsay Tassé, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

MA in Holistic Mental Health

Certified Advanced Graduate Studies in Expressive Arts

Eating Disorder Training Certificate (ED-TC)

ITP Voice Dialogue Training Certificate 

Certified Shame-Informed Specialist

HeartMath® Certified Resilient Heart Trauma Sensitive Training

Internal Family Systems informed

Kingian Nonviolence Communication Training and teacher

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Workshop and training

California License #132441

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Psychology of Selves: Who is the "I"that leads your life path?
Experience the diversity and Wise One within YOU . . .

As we develop as human beings, we form sub personalities to protect our vulnerabilities so that we can adapt to various roles
whether enforced or encouraged, as well as survive life stressors. 
Here are some typical sub personalities that we share as human beings:
-Inner Critic
-People Pleaser
Sometimes these sub personalities go to extremes to keep our fears and vulnerabilities safe. 
These safety measures are often misguided because of survival patterns that form from our experiences in culture, society, or systems and may express as: 
-Eating Disorders
-Body dysmorphia

There may be ways that you need to express and communicate that go beyond words or just talking.
This could be writing, poetry, art, movement or simply noticing. I offer space as an attuned guide and active mentor to support you in the exploration. 

With Voice Dialogue, each part of you has space to be authentic to support unburdening emotional wounds affect your mind body connection.

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Lived experience with Voice Dialogue:
Be AWARE of who YOU are,
while respecting your empathic, creative and artistic strengths

Which sub personalities are primarily running your life?
the controller, pusher, inner critic, and perfectionist.
Get to know these sub personalities through creative and/or artistic exploration:
What are their rules?
How do they show up in your body?
How do they protect you?
What are their fears?
What is their polar opposite sub personality?
Understand and get to know how you can guide these sub personalities to feel more balanced and empowered
through  awareness;
your inner wisdom.
Explore Voice Dialogue to get this experience . . . 

Explore ways to honor and respect yourSelf,
let's make the most of your valuable time

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