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 Our Heart is a "brain". And thanks to Doc Childre, Founder of the HeartMath® Institute we understand the heart is the most intelligent system in our body. This is why we say, "Follow your heart" and not, "Follow your head". But our heart and head are not the only "brains": There are neurons in every organ and gland in constant communication with our central and autonomic nervous systems. 


You've probably also heard of the "gut brain" and the common inquiry, "What is your gut feeling?"

Such feelings result in "butterflies in your stomach". Our mood is affected by our gut and vice versa. 

As a holistic therapist I integrate the latest research in neuroscience thus, an important focus is exploring connection to heart intelligence and somatic sensations, and consider how our unique brain chemistry affects our mental wellness. Dr. Dan Siegel, author of Mindsight defines the mind as, "an emergent, self organizing, embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information". In this way we may perceive the mind as the "CEO" that supports the rewiring of the brain to follow the more empowered orders from the heart's wisdom, and acknowledge important messages from somatic sensations. 



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Our body is speaking to us through the intelligent systems within:

Our heart wisdom. Our gut instinct. Our somatic senses. 

Our central and autonomic system processing. 

Have we consciously decided which system is in charge?

Are they in chaos or agreement?

Important to note is the ability to develop such coherent narratives of experience

that may be inhibiting the connection to and expression of our inner wisdom.

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