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Internal Family Systems:

Our heart is the smartest part. 

The research from HeartMath® shows that our heart is the smartest brain in our system. We have been trained to think mostly with the brain of the head. However, we often hear, "Follow your heart" not "your head". Parts work is based in Internal Family Systems will allow more profound training and experience into following one's heart or "Self energy". 

Internal Family Systems includes a mind body integrative experience. In session you will be guided to meet all your different parts or roles that are being played out in the subconscious mind in order to help and protect you. However, some of these subconscious patterns are more habituated and automatic.Thus, when we explore their purpose we can update these parts to the here and now. This allows clarity, confidence and inner peace. And with the gentle power of your inner wisdom you will be moved by the spontaneity of this journey.  

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