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Having an attuned listener supports integration
and integration is the basis to healing and well being
-Dr. Dan Siegel




For over two decades I have personally experienced and trained in holistic modalities and taught alternative methods in education. In 2017, as a graduate in holistic mental health therapy, I naturally integrated a holistic approach into my practice. Holistic based therapy applies a body mind approach and allows freedom to collaborate and personalize therapy sessions specific to your needs; goals; and personhood. Your life experience is unique and sacred, thus your healing journey is designed to embrace this. 


Your sessions are meditative, a journey within to connect to your inner wisdom and integrate experiences of disconnection.My practice is grounded in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach that accepts a systems perspective: That we all have an "inner family" within our Self that is working to protect and serve us. Sometimes the younger and/or traumatized "parts" can get frozen in time, and although are desperate for connection, are also afraid of this. With utmost ease and openness we experiment contact with these "parts" and update and guide them towards liberation and a new role: One that makes sense for the present rather than the outdated past. Ultimately making space for a lived experience of empowerment, joy and confidence. 

Living in India for two years and working with underserved populations led to my personal search for more meaning in life and mindfulness practices. Engaging in art and other modes of creative expression inspired me to pursue a holistic approach to counseling through expressive arts and other integrative therapies Social justice is also an integral part of my work via the nonprofit I founded in 2022. 


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and Rhode Island. I am trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), HeartMath® Experience and Kingian Nonviolence. I am advanced graduate studies certified in Expressive Arts Therapy. My focus is serving adults with Eating Disorders, HSP trait; PTSD; and general empathetic distress.


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