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Transform old programs
Do not mistake kindness as a weakness

What's going on with me? 

  • When you feel so profoundly it is because you have extra mirror neurons among other variants in your brain. This may be both exhilarating and excruciating, thus learning how to use your gift as an HSP rather than feeling overwhelmed by it is empowering.

  • HSPs have heightened sensory awareness that leads to keen observation, thus motivation for providing aid and an anchor of calm amidst chaos. 

Importance of understanding your inner landscape:​

  • We do not exercise free will when we stay in habituated patterns of the subconscious survival brain

  • Because of the negativity bias of the brain to keep us "safe" from threats, our subconscious mind is programmed solely for survival

  • The subconscious mind responds to instincts and sense memories that include signs and symbols

  • It's important to develop a clear narrative of our experiences, and update them to the present moment. This way the subconscious mind integrates these signs and symbols into conscious interpretation for profound healing.

  • In afferent relationship with your head brain, the heart brain, when accessed is your inner compass. This is the where you embody self compassion and can be authentic with all aspects of yourself, and receive updates to transform old habits. 

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